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Everything A Business Owner Needs To Succeed!

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Jody is the Owner/CEO of The JUVO Business Group

Jody has more than 30 years’ experience leading companies large and small in both the B2B and B2C marketplace. He applies a successful track record of business analysis, best practices, organizational development, and execution of operational excellence and growth strategies to build greater value for privately held businesses. Prior to starting The JUVO Business Group, Jody held senior leadership positions with two global 500 companies and he earned an advanced degree in business finance and strategy from The University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, and he earned his BS degree in business management from Limestone College in South Carolina.

In a recent interview, Jody was asked “Why make the move from a comfy Corporate job to Business Ownership?”

His answer “I couldn’t make the impact I wanted, make the money I desired AND spend enough time with family. I came to realize my corporate experience prepared me well for working with business owners and that by really understanding my clients and showing them how to maximize THEIR results I too could have a successful business.”

This helpful guide is created from decades of work in helping small business owners achieve their dreams. Don’t miss these key elements for business success that can be applied to ANY business.

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Business Coaching

Do you ever feel there is no one in your corner when it comes to managing your business? Jody has years of experience helping business owners just like you navigate the complexities of their lives and how business fits in. Reach out today to learn more. Contact Us

Capital Acquisition

We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘It takes money to make money.’ Many times business owners have big dreams about where to take their vision next but are short on the capital to make it happen. Let LBA’s extensive network go to work for you to find the funding for your next big idea. Contact Us

Business Marketing

In order to accomplish your business goals prospective customers but know, like, and trust you. Our revolutionary marketing system will take your business to the next level. Are you pulling your hair out keeping up with social media, advertising, website and the like? Let VisionPath Marketing handle the headache while you run your business. Learn More

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards bring business owners and leaders from non-competing industries in Charleston together in a group setting – similar to a board of directors. We help each other work on challenges and opportunities we face in each of our companies. No theories—just practical, real-world, tried and tested solutions and invaluable hands-on experience.

Business Valuation

Knowing what an outside party would be willing to pay for a business is no easy task. Business owners typically find it difficult to gauge their business value. Whether you’ve recently reached a new business plateau or you are planning for retirement it’s important to understand what your business is worth. Contact Us

Business Buy/Sell

Preparing a business to buy another business or to be sold are two totally different things. There are many important steps to take, and they can take up to 24 months, that will maximize the value of your business or make it attractive to financiers to fund your acquisition. If you’re preparing to buy or sell contact Jody to learn more. Contact Us

I regularly meet with business owners throughout the Lowcountry. Let’s schedule a meeting and see how we can help one another.

Business Growth Blog

The Threat of Business Owner Burnout

By Uncategorized

Being a small business owner was never an easy gig. While it is certainly rewarding, working for yourself is hard work that requires you to fulfill many different roles. Then the coronavirus pandemic came along, hurting so many small businesses. The stress on some people due to the impact of coronavirus on their business has been like nothing they have experienced in the past. Even if you’re…

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Juvo - Loans for Small Businesses Now Available from Federal Reserve

Loans for Small Businesses Now Available from Federal Reserve

By Business Finances, Small Business

On October 30, 2020, the Federal Reserve Board announced changes to the Main Street Lending Program to benefit a wider range of people. Previously reserved for larger businesses and government organizations struggling financially due to COVID-19, the Main Street Lending Program now offers federal loans to non-profits and smaller businesses as well. This is just one of several changes the Federal Reserve made to the…

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Three Steps to Improve the Likelihood of Business Loan Approval

By Business Finances

Like many small business owners, you may occasionally find yourself short on working capital and in need of a business loan. If so, the time to start preparing to apply for a business loan is before you begin researching lenders. Preparation starts by reviewing a copy of both your personal and business credit files. Know Your Credit Score Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, the three major…

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Should You Hire a Business Consultant?

By Small Business

As a small business owner, do you ever wish you could clone yourself so you could accomplish more in a day or overcome common business challenges?  While duplicating yourself may not be possible, you might consider hiring a business consultant to alleviate some of your stress. A business consultant is someone outside of your organization who evaluates your company to help improve its efficiency and…

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Tax Deductions for Small Business

By Uncategorized

Owning and operating a small business in any environment can be challenging. Over the life of a business, an owner might encounter issues related to startup, cash flow, and even the overall economy.  Taxes are the biggest expense for small businesses, but many owners are so busy that they don’t have the time to devote to reducing this expense. One study reveals that small businesses overpaid more…

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How Your Small Business Can Thrive After the Pandemic

By Business Growth, Small Business

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone, but perhaps no one has suffered more than small business owners. While many large retail stores remained open because the government deemed them essential, thousands of smaller businesses had to close at least temporarily. A sudden and unexpected business closure and loss of revenue is one of the most challenging things that business owners can face. Sadly,…

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JUVO Business Group

I regularly meet with distinguished business owners in the metro area. Let’s schedule a meeting and see how we can help one another. It’s my passion to put my experience to work to help business people achieve their goals. Let’s meet for coffee to see how we can network together.

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