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December 2017

The Introvert's Guide To Business Networking

The Introvert’s Guide To Business Networking

By Entrepreneurship, Small Business

If you are a freelancer with an introverted personality, the idea of networking might cause you to cringe, even while you recognize the value provided by interacting with your peers. When any kind of networking event comes up, it does provide you with an opportunity to generate new business leads, and since you’re a freelancer, it’s pretty much all on you to go out there…

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7 Powerful Ways To Boost Customer Sales in 2018

7 Powerful Ways To Boost Sales in 2018

By Business Growth, Business Strategy, Small Business

Identifying the Basic Motives of Customers or Prospects Although it may sound surprising, customers don’t buy just for the sake of owning a particular product or service. They buy because of the benefits they will receive as a result of owning that product or service. Understanding this concept can help you better focus your selling efforts and place more emphasis on the specific benefits and…

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