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The business landscape these days is extremely competitive, and it’s rare that any one small business has a unique product or service to distinguish it from rivals. That being the case, it becomes essential that you do everything possible in order to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency throughout your company. If you can achieve this goal of significantly improved efficiency, your company has a good chance of getting ahead of the competition, by reducing costs and boosting customer satisfaction.

Keep employees’ well-being in mind

Countless surveys have pointed at the fact that employees who are happy at their jobs are much more productive and efficient, and are much more likely to commit to the company for a long period of time. While productivity and efficiency are terrific benefits in their own right, there’s also a cost savings involved when you don’t have to go through frequent hiring processes because of employee turnover. If you treat employees with respect, and recognize them when they do good work, you’ll develop a team of satisfied and highly motivated workers.

Promote the team concept

When everyone in a boat is rowing together, you can go a lot further up the stream in a much shorter time, whereas progress is likely to be inhibited without that unison of effort. You can promote the team concept at your business by keeping your employees well trained, and by communicating company goals and objectives effectively, so that everyone is working together in harmony.

Standardized documents and paperwork

If your company is doing a lot of communications without a set method for similar tasks or information exchanges, you’re probably generating a good bit of inefficiency and possibly even confusion as well. It will be worth your while to make all documents standard for each given task required. Even if you operate a small business and you think that may not be necessary, you should make the effort. Chances are you’ll find that standardization promotes much greater efficiency.

Time analysis

Wasted time is the bane of any small business, because it has the effect of killing productivity and efficiency. You can overcome all that by using some kind of time-tracking software, so that blocks of time can be monitored daily and subsequently analyzed. Once you’ve determined where waste exists, you can work at minimizing that lost time, and working toward a more efficient approach to conducting business.

Customer acquisition

It almost goes without saying that you need to have a clear understanding of how customers are discovering your business, so that you can enhance that process and boost your following. The method you use for gathering that information can be simple.  If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can have employees query customers about how they discovered your business, and then enter that information into a spreadsheet which can be consulted later. If your business is of the online variety, you can use Google Analytics to provide you with extremely useful insights about how traffic is being driven to your website.

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