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Although most business owners, executives, and employees strive for positive company culture, many would have a difficult time defining it. The culture of a company is its collective personality. It also describes the environment in which employees work, the expectations and goals management expects them to achieve, and the values, ethics, and mission of the company. Unfortunately, it can make for an unpleasant work environment when even one of these things goes wrong. As your small business consultants, we offer several actionable tips for transforming your company culture into a positive and dynamic one.

Encourage Transparency in Leadership as Much as Possible

When something goes wrong or a major change is on the horizon, employees don’t appreciate feeling left in the dark about situations that have a big impact on them. It takes a mature person to admit their mistakes, especially to those reporting to him or her. However, taking the honesty approach benefits companies in some important ways. First, it stops the inevitable gossip by providing employees with accurate information. It also promotes respect among employees for those in upper management and encourages them to be honest about owning up to their own mistakes.

Invest in Technology and Keep Office Equipment Well-Maintained

An investment in technology appropriate for your industry can eliminate redundant processes while improving employee efficiency at the same time. It puts employees in a better frame of mind knowing they have the resources available to them to produce what their superiors expect of them. The same is true of existing office equipment. Most computers, copiers, fax machines, and other staples of the modern office require at least periodic maintenance and repair to remain functional. Not allowing equipment to sit for days or weeks before someone gets around to fixing it sends employees the message that the company supports and appreciates their work.

Watch Out for Too Much Focus on a Growth Mindset

Sometimes a company becomes so focused on growth at all costs that it becomes an unhealthy obsession. Business leaders who only consider profits and expansion allow that ambition to determine who to hire and promote, something that can lead to an overly competitive culture among co-workers. Unchecked ambition towards a growth mindset can also force other company values to the side, including professionalism, empathy, and collaboration. A healthier balance should be a focus on individual development and serving the larger community. Businesses that promote charitable causes by giving time and money pass that value along to their employees.

Enforce an Appropriate Dress Code

Even though many companies have embraced business casual dress and casual Fridays, it’s still important to maintain across-the-board standards for professionalism. Morale can fall quickly when some people routinely dress in ragged or inappropriate clothes while others invest in clothing more appropriate for a business environment. Management can avoid problems with company culture from the start by making dress code expectations clear.

Is Your Business Struggling with Company Culture?

The above are just four simple tips any business can take to make an immediate improvement to company culture. If the culture issues run deep in your business, it’s time for outside assessment and help. We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our small business consultants today.