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Everything A Business Owner Needs To Succeed!

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Jody is the Owner/CEO of The JUVO Business Group

Jody has more than 30 years’ experience leading companies large and small in both the B2B and B2C marketplace. He applies a successful track record of business analysis, best practices, organizational development, and execution of operational excellence and growth strategies to build greater value for privately held businesses. Prior to starting The JUVO Business Group, Jody held senior leadership positions with two global 500 companies and he earned an advanced degree in business finance and strategy from The University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, and he earned his BS degree in business management from Limestone College in South Carolina.

In a recent interview, Jody was asked “Why make the move from a comfy Corporate job to Business Ownership?”

His answer “I couldn’t make the impact I wanted, make the money I desired AND spend enough time with family. I came to realize my corporate experience prepared me well for working with business owners and that by really understanding my clients and showing them how to maximize THEIR results I too could have a successful business.”

This helpful guide is created from decades of work in helping small business owners achieve their dreams. Don’t miss these key elements for business success that can be applied to ANY business.

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Business Coaching

Do you ever feel there is no one in your corner when it comes to managing your business? Jody has years of experience helping business owners just like you navigate the complexities of their lives and how business fits in. Reach out today to learn more. Contact Us

Capital Acquisition

We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘It takes money to make money.’ Many times business owners have big dreams about where to take their vision next but are short on the capital to make it happen. Let LBA’s extensive network go to work for you to find the funding for your next big idea. Contact Us

Business Marketing

In order to accomplish your business goals prospective customers but know, like, and trust you. Our revolutionary marketing system will take your business to the next level. Are you pulling your hair out keeping up with social media, advertising, website and the like? Let VisionPath Marketing handle the headache while you run your business. Learn More

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards bring business owners and leaders from non-competing industries in Charleston together in a group setting – similar to a board of directors. We help each other work on challenges and opportunities we face in each of our companies. No theories—just practical, real-world, tried and tested solutions and invaluable hands-on experience.

Business Valuation

Knowing what an outside party would be willing to pay for a business is no easy task. Business owners typically find it difficult to gauge their business value. Whether you’ve recently reached a new business plateau or you are planning for retirement it’s important to understand what your business is worth. Contact Us

Business Buy/Sell

Preparing a business to buy another business or to be sold are two totally different things. There are many important steps to take, and they can take up to 24 months, that will maximize the value of your business or make it attractive to financiers to fund your acquisition. If you’re preparing to buy or sell contact Jody to learn more. Contact Us

I regularly meet with business owners throughout the Lowcountry. Let’s schedule a meeting and see how we can help one another.

Business Growth Blog

Why Communication is Key to Business Success

By Company Culture

Humans are blessed with many ways to communicate. Communication comes so naturally that it is often taken for granted. It is the process of sharing information between real people both inside and outside of a company. It is an essential ingredient for successful leadership. As Keith Boyer stated, “You must be able to communicate successfully in order to become a leader and someone that others…

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Tips to Stay Connected with Co-Workers While Working from Home

By Company Culture

When the coronavirus forced millions of people to suddenly work from home, many managers and employees alike struggled with the new reality. This makes sense when you consider that less than 30 percent of Americans are set up to work efficiently from their home office. Managers and team leaders have especially struggled with keeping their teams cohesive and connected during these unprecedented times. While this…

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Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Your Potential Customer Base

By Business Growth

Building a user-friendly business website is probably the most important thing companies can do to reach people where they already spend a lot of time. Once you have accomplished that, the next thing to tackle is getting people to your new website. You surely know about some of the traditional forms of online marketing such as pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO)….

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Best Practices for Hiring Your First Employees

By Business Growth

You have officially launched your company and it’s doing well. There is so much to do, in fact, that you can no longer manage every task on your own. You have reached an exciting milestone of needing to hire your first employees. This often looks different in start-up organization than it does in established companies. Outsource as Much as You Can Before Hiring Employees Taking…

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Improve Your Work-Life Balance for a Happier Life

By Company Culture

It’s human nature to want to succeed in everything we do, especially our careers. Unfortunately, spending most of your time and energy on work-related functions leaves little time for a personal or spiritual life. It can also wreak havoc with your health. Perhaps you know this already but still struggle to achieve or maintain a good work-life balance. This is a common problem. Below we…

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Success Tips for Starting a Small Business

By Small Business

People often dream of the freedom that owning their own small business would bring but don’t pursue the opportunity once they realize how much hard work and risk it involves. It takes someone with multi-faceted skills to succeed as a small business owner since it requires one person to fulfill many roles. Accounting, human resources, inventory management, and information technology specialist are just some of…

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JUVO Will Americans Keep Working at Home?

Will Americans Keep Working at Home After Coronavirus?

By Uncategorized

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus a global pandemic in March 2020. By the end of that month, millions of Americans quickly set up an office and began working from home. According to an MIT study conducted the following month, as many as half of working-age Americans became part of the virtual work revolution due to the virus and millions remain in…

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How to Turn Your Company's Culture Around

How to Turn Your Company’s Culture Around

By Company Culture

Although most business owners, executives, and employees strive for positive company culture, many would have a difficult time defining it. The culture of a company is its collective personality. It also describes the environment in which employees work, the expectations and goals management expects them to achieve, and the values, ethics, and mission of the company. Unfortunately, it can make for an unpleasant work environment…

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JUVO Business Group

I regularly meet with distinguished business owners in the metro area. Let’s schedule a meeting and see how we can help one another. It’s my passion to put my experience to work to help business people achieve their goals. Let’s meet for coffee to see how we can network together.

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