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Building a user-friendly business website is probably the most important thing companies can do to reach people where they already spend a lot of time. Once you have accomplished that, the next thing to tackle is getting people to your new website. You surely know about some of the traditional forms of online marketing such as pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). As important as those forms of advertising are, no serious marketer today can overlook marketing their products and services on social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing can mean many things. It allows you to connect with other users to get their feedback, notify them of company changes or upcoming specials, or provide coupons they can only use by liking or following your business page. Remaining active as a business on social media allows you to get to know the demographics, likes, and dislikes of your customers that you might not otherwise learn. The key is to balance obvious advertising with providing useful content or simply communicating with customers and prospects.

If you haven’t already, take the time to set up business accounts with popular online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once you have an account, focus on gaining likes and followers for your page by sharing useful content for potential customers without trying to sell them anything. Your activity on social media and responsiveness to customer needs helps to establish trust that eventually leads to brand loyalty. We outline some other benefits of social media marketing below.

Respond to Customer Inquiries in Real Time

Although voice prompts to properly route calls are a necessity in today’s business world, people’s response to them can range from mild annoyance to outright anger. The customer service representative who eventually picks up the call must deal with a customer who already feels frustrated by needing to press numbers in response to voice prompts and the hold time just to reach the right person. Reaching someone who can’t help them and having the call transferred to someone else only adds to their annoyance with the process. Allowing people to reach your company via social media instead can prevent this issue.

Whether a customer emails your business privately or posts a public comment, compliment, or complaint, be sure to respond as quickly as possible. Doing so reassures the customer that your company has heard him or her and employees are ready and willing to help. The faster and more accurate the response, the more likely it is that more customers will forgo calling and opt to reach your business through social media or a chat tab on your website if you have one.

Social Media Marketing Gets More People to Your Business Website

Some people will find your business for the first time while scrolling Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another social media platform. This is great news and means your social media marketing strategies are working. You can take advantage of a captive audience to place your company’s website URL along with other contact information. After all, the goal of any type of online marketing is to get people to the company’s website where they will hopefully place the first of many orders with the business.

Remain Competitive in the Digital Era

Today’s consumers expect businesses to come to them and not the other way around. If your closest competitors have a strong social media presence and your company does not, you could be handing them customers that might have otherwise shopped with you. Creating a social media presence early is powerful in building brand recognition. People will recognize your business easier and will likely provide you with free advertising when they tell their friends and family about great deals they found online.

Up Your Social Media Game with Help from Juvo Marketing

The above benefits of social media marketing represent only a handful of the dozens of perks of connecting with customers electronically. Juvo Business Group invites you to contact us to learn more about our business marketing services or request a personal consultation.